Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday December 1, 2007

22 miles 3:00 Sourdough Trail to Bozeman Creek Canyon out and back (Puma Cortland II)
I woke up this morning to -9F temps and falling snow. Gotta love Montana, I suppose. I felt really good on this run despite the chilly weather. I was getting decent purchase on the squeaky cold snow, and because it was the weekend there were very few people up and moving about yet. There are about 4 miles worth of roads to get to the canyon, but then running in the canyon is nice because it's protected from the wind. The trail was about what I expected--probably 6 inches or so of packed snow and a couple inches of new snow. It made for punchy footing, so I only ran about 2 1/4 miles in (there are mile markers) before heading back to town.

I took a gel with me on this run in case anything like yesterday happened, but today I was strong the whole way except for my left hamstring (chronically tight) and my right hip flexor (also been a bit of a problem the last couple of years). Sometimes I think I should give in and just devote myself to a consistent yoga routine...but the thing is, I'd always rather be out running for an extra half hour or hour than stretching.

The ankle was completely fine on this run, but the top of my foot was a little tight every now and then. It's definitely something to do with a tendon there, but at this point it's not really limiting me, so I'll just keep watching it. Iced my whole foot in a cooler of snow-water after the run.

Finally, my name didn't get drawn today in the Western States 100 Lottery...maybe some day I'll find the time to vent my views on the current situation in ultra running of race entry, depth of competition, race fees, etc., etc., but not right now. All I'll say is that I'm not convinced yet to try and qualify for WS by running one of the Montrail Ultra Cup races (Way Too Cool 50K, American River 50, Miwok 100K). Right now, my opinion is that I won't fly across the country to only run 31 miles, AR is too asphalty and flat, and I want to do the Zane Grey 50 instead of Miwok. I'm thinking of maybe entering the Massanutten 100 in May and then hitting up the San Juan 50 in June. Or maybe I'll do just the Bighorn 100. We'll see.

In other news, apparently Uli beat Matt today out at the TNF 50 Championship race. That isn't super surprising to me, but I did expect Matt to come out with the win. Maybe he is finally getting old after all...I'll be interested to hear his take on the race. Unfortunately, I haven't heard any further results from that race, yet.


Ted Nunes said...

I really wanted to see your name on the WS100 roster...It would have been cool to see you push the pace....What about Angeles Crest 100?

Paul Charteris said...

I am pretty dumfounded in all honesty Anton. I was convinced you would be the #1 Draft Pick of all the Special Consideration runners.

I know the WS BOD are really nice people and they genuinely have a tough time turning away some very fine runners, so I do have some sympathy for them. I cannot say I agree with them for omitting you though.

Cheers, Paul

Anton said...

Ted and Paul,

Thanks for the kind words...I don't really know what WS's policy is on "Special Consideration" runners, or if there even is one. I suspect it's tied pretty tightly to sponsors (which is fine); it does say on their website something to the effect of " we reserve the right to accept any runner who will enhance the competitive nature of the event" or something like that.

One would think that Karl M, Leigh Schmitt, and/or myself might fall into that category...but who knows.

At this point, they ARE doing more than some other 100 milers to enhance top competition by accepting the previous year's top 10 and with the MUC series (but, I tend to think that one's ability to race a flat 50K/50 miler has little to do with running well at WS), but if that's the only way you let in top comp, how is anyone new ever supposed to get in? There are many other issues, and maybe I'll get around to writing a full post on it sometime soon...


Bedrock said...
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Bedrock said...
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Bedrock said...


I have been reading your blog for a while and enjoy your posts and perspective. I ran Massanutten in May as my first 100 miler (albeit very sloooow). The race is very well organized yet low key with lots of rocky trails. Hope to see you there. Good luck with your training.