Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tuesday Dec 25, 2007

AM- 16 miles (2:02) incl. 5x1min-1xmile in 5:11-10x1min all with 1min recoveries (PC II)
PM- 7 miles (1:01) Pastures (sz 11 Slingshots)

I woke up early in the dark to get the workout in before gift opening.  There was a sharp north wind, so I waited until I was on the way back home before starting the fast stuff (which I started at the highway corner).  The fast mile was the one from the Cookie Corner straight-away to the silage pile, so it was even a net uphill.  Overall, I felt really good on all the hard stuff, probably because of the tailwind.  Either way, it's good to know I can still get the legs moving when I need to.

The second run was actually at 1pm so that I would be done running before eating a big Christmas dinner mid-afternoon.  Mom's cooking is incredible.  I don't think I ever want a Christmas without dumplings and home-canned sauerkraut.  This run was basically in a raging blizzard--we ended up getting 5" of new snow.  Weather like what there has been here at home makes me appreciate even more the Colorado Springs climate.

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