Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday December 15, 2007

30 miles (4:20) Garden-Intemann-Section 16 (steep way)-High Drive-Gold Camp-Stratton (PC II)

What a great great run. Runs like this are a huge reason why I moved back to Colorado Springs. Even though there was only about 3000' total climbing (split mostly between two successive ~1500' climbs, Section 16 and High Drive) this run still offered awesome scenery, very little asphalt and completely runnable, mostly packed trails (despite all the snow) right from my front doorstep. High Drive was actually a little rough because all the wind last night blew some big drifts into the packed down trail, but all in all it was a great run. Oh yeah, and even though it was about 10F last night, I was able to wear shorts and strip down to shirt-sleeves for the second half of this run because the sunshine was so brilliant. After Bozeman, I will never take seemingly insignificant details like that for granted again.

I felt really good on this run, too, despite being up pretty late last night. My legs were peppy right from the start (started out with Ashley and Jocelyn) and I kept a much more honest pace all day than I usually do on long runs. Also, the Pumas are a great shoe. I almost want to wear them for Rocky...


SC said...

Sounds like a great run! Glad the foot's feeling better.

Keep up the good work with the blog; I really enjoy checking in and reading about your progress. I'm a 26y/o former competitive road cyclist who has recently renewed my love for running. I've been back at it since May '07, and have set my goals at doing some ultras at some point.

Anyway..keep it up, Tony!


TonyP said...

Great run. Sounds as if the ankle is holding up well.