Friday, December 28, 2007

Sunday Dec 23, 2007

27 miles (4:10) UPT-LRR-Bob's Road-Barr Camp down Barr Trail then out and back up William's Canyon (PC II)

This was a pretty good run.  The Incline Club run was Waldo Canyon today, but I figured that since I'd taken the trouble to drive the 10 minutes to Manitou that I might as well get some legitimate vertical and altitude in, so I headed up Longs Ranch Road instead.  There wasn't too much more snow than last week until I got to Bob's Road, which was much worse than last week.   The 2nd day in a row of post-holing through knee-deep snow without socks or tights was...frustrating.  

After I finally emerged onto the Barr Trail, it wasn't a whole lot better because of all the drifting.  It was a pretty big struggle to get to Barr Camp.  After thawing out a bit there and eating a pancake I headed back down the trail (much easier, ha ha), and then headed up the well-packed William's Canyon trail to get in the extra time/distance.  I took my second gel with only 25 minutes or so left in the run.  I normally would've just gutted it out, but I wanted to be sure to be alert for the tricky footing on the small ledges on the Williams trail.  It ended up being a gorgeous day; I was able to strip down to shirt-sleeves for the last part of the run.

After the run I immediately jumped in the car and drove the 10 hours to my parent's house in Nebraska for the holidays.  Driving that far with a 4 hour run in the legs is sure a lot of fun...

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